8th Annual Brewvival!

As the 8th annual Brewvival approaches, and we gear up for the launch of ticket sales on Friday, November 25th, we wanted to make everyone aware of some upcoming changes.

In the past few years, South Carolina’s craft beer industry has seen unprecedented growth with the number of breweries opening, the number of jobs being created, and the doubling of the economic impact in the state. With all this amazingly positive progress, Brewvival can no longer maintain focus and properly showcase these breweries within the format they deserve.

This is why in 2017 Brewvival will fully support the South Carolina Brewers Guild to showcase the amazing beer being produced in the Palmetto State. The Second Annual South Carolina Brewers’ Festival will take place in 2017, date and location TBD. This festival will provide a great opportunity for all South Carolina brewers to spotlight their beers and introduce festival goers to many of the new breweries popping up all over the state with some of the novelties and rarities that make the Brewvival festival so special.

It will also allow the Brewvival festival the opportunity to continue its mission as an intimate showcase for fantastic one-offs and rare beers, from across the nation and beyond. This makes for a healthy relationship that will continue to build upon the success of the craft beer industry in South Carolina and provide a variety of opportunities for fans to experience incredible beers from all over the country.

Brewvival 2017 will also continue with not announcing the majority of breweries/beers being shown in advance. This format change will allow for more creativity and better beer diversity while allowing the brewer’s freedom to present specialties without preconception. This will create a more relaxed, less pressured environment to enjoy the festival. The veil of long lines for specifically hyped beers and rushes to particular tables/tappings has begun to weigh heavily on attendees and breweries alike. Getting back to the basics, being a part to enjoy the beer, will be promoted by this change. We realize this new approach will be aggravating to some.  We hope that most of you will trust in Brewvival’s proven track record of not disappointing you. We truly feel this will be the best show yet.

And finally, we will also continue to change the line up every year, with both breweries and food vendors.