Date & time?

February 25, 2017
12-5 pm

Will the event take place rain or shine?


What's the age restriction?


Will there be Designated Driver tickets this year?

NO. Of course we welcome drop off/pick up vehicles outside the gates and we will still be working with shuttle services - responsible/safe transportation is a top priority.

What does my ticket price include?

All beer samples and live music. Food is available for purchase.

Where is it located?

The field across from COAST Brewing Co. in North Charleston, SC.

See this page for more information.

What can I bring?

Chairs and refillable water bottles are encouraged. Also, perhaps one of these.

What can I NOT bring?

Coolers, outside food, alcoholic beverages, weapons, children and pets are not allowed.

Can I take photos during the event?

Of course.

What beer/breweries will be present?

Please see this important update.

What food vendors will be present?


What live music will be present?


How will shuttle service work?

Check out the Tickets page for details!

Can I leave and come back?

Yes, but not with beer.

Do you have a list of beer poured during previous events?

Yes, please see the about page, which will have links to each year.

Are you accepting vendor proposals?

No, not at this time.